Large Zebra Ginger Jar

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This beautiful Large Zebra Ginger Jar will make a beautiful addition to any home. Ginger Jars have their origins in early Chinese culture where they were often presented in pairs as wedding gifts.

Traditionally Ginger Jars were used to store herbs and spices as the name might suggest, however in the west they have been used as decorative objects since the 18th century and are often displayed empty in living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

This Zebra Ginger Jar features a simple black and white colour scheme that is sure to contrast with any home decor choice, as is traditional for Ginger Jars, our large Zebra variant has no handles and a large domed lid, this westernised version however does benefit from a slightly elongated lib topper which can be used for simple opening and closing of the jar.

We recommend using this piece either as a standalone ornament or removing the lid and using it as a statement vase, with the lid offset to the side to complete the look. Pairs well with our range of artificial plants, flowers and sprays.

This Large Zebra Jar Features:

  • Elongated black jar topper
  • Blend of contemporary and traditional styles
  • Large domed lid
  • Handleless design
  • Decorative
  • Zebra artwork
  • Zebra print banding
  • Large and small versions are available
  • Traditionally given in pairs as a wedding gift. Combine with a small model for the perfect gift.

Large Zebra Jar Dimensions:

  • Height: 600mm
  • Diameter: 200mm



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