Cilantro and Basil Diffuser

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Infuse your home with the scents of Italian summer evenings with this luxurious Cilantro & Basil reed diffuser. This earthy herb-focused diffuser perfectly suits country kitchens and dining rooms, enticing your guests with an almost clove-like, fresh aroma.

This luxury fragrance diffuser is presented in a sleek, curved glass bottle complete with natural wooden reeds and a presentation box, making it an ideal gift. This diffuser truly brings the outdoors in.

Be transported to Sorrento’s steep cliffs and siren song without leaving the comfort of your kitchen or dining room.

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Cilantro & Basil Diffuser Fragrance Reed Diffuser At A Glance:

  • Presentation Box
  • Curved Glass Diffuser Bottle
  • Natural Wood Reed Sticks
  • Chromed Cap
  • 300ml of Cilantro & Basil Fragrance Oil
  • Fabulous Gift Idea

Cilantro & Basil Diffuser Fragrance Reed Diffuser Dimensions:

Package Size:

  • H: 370mm
  • W: 100mm
  • D: 100mm

Bottle Size:

  • H: 180mm
  • Dia: 90mm

Scent Profile:

Hints of basil, coriander, cilantro and freshly squeezed lemon combine to create a refreshing and herby experience reminiscent of Italian summer evenings.

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